Vertica analyzes large data volumes and complex information


Objective: Avito wanted to enable the versatile use of available data to develop various business streams and generate additional benefits

Approach:  It deployed a single business intelligence system, based on Vertica, with a view to adopting consistent data analysis practices and finding new ways to use data to create considerable benefits for the business

IT Matters:

  • Created a single corporate analytics system based on the BI platform
  •  It enables the comprehensive analysis of data, finding effective analytical methods with a view to accomplishing new tasks
  • This transforms data into an asset that can successfully generate revenue for the company

Business Matters:

  • Maximizes the benefits of available data and increases revenue from data
  • Active usage of data in decision making minimizes business risk



At the time when the platform was being chosen, it was impossible to predict the number of data sources, the volume of data, the rate at which information would be received, the tasks to be solved or the approaches to solving them.

  • - Nikolay Golov, corporate data storage architect, Avito